by New Pope

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Released in December 2015, New Pope’s debut album YOUTH was named number 13 in the Reader's Best Irish Albums of 2015, number 23 in The Thin Air’s Irish releases of the year and Release of the Week in The Irish Times.

"Perfectly balanced between both the tender and more pining realms of nostalgia... offers up a wonderfully re-assuring, immaculately crafted summation of the inner, intersubjective workings of dealing with change and growing up" (Brian Coney, The Thin Air)


released December 9, 2015

all songs written by David Boland

Guitar and Vocals by David Boland
Accordion by Emma Lohan
Drums by David Shaughnessy
Backing Vocals by G Tobin
Backing Vocals and Synth by Eoin Dolan
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Eoin Dolan at College Road, Galway, Ireland

Guitar and Vocals by David Boland
Accordion and Backing Vocals by Emma Lohan
Recorded and Mixed by Will O'Connor at Willow Sea Studios, Galway, Ireland



all rights reserved


New Pope Galway, Ireland

New Pope is a songwriter from Ireland dealing in melodic dream pop and sometimes folk.

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Track Name: Onwards, Westwards
to be young, to live by the ocean
to be alone, to be no-one
out of the city, the disarray
endless smoke, endless grey

sombre, pallid sorrow
streetlamps acid yellow
onwards, westwards
the setting sun

I could be happy there
by the fire and by myself
out of the wind and the rain’s way
the crushing wind, the lashing sea

steeply sloping mountain
sleepless, boundless ocean
onwards, westwards
the setting sun

I’d get lost
Track Name: Amsterdam
Amsterdam you humid bastard
all my clothes are soaked
but I bought more in the second hand market
on Haarlemmer Road
I fell in love with Vincent Van Gogh
he was just as fucked up as me
and I feel an affinity with anyone on the periphery

I faced my childhood on the side of the road by the river down in Amsterdam
me and my mother, we took a plane
we went back again
nothing lost on the side of the road by the river down in Amsterdam
turning circles like a child

I met my mother, we got on the yellow tram line
we were talking about Summer
a little girl who was a friend of mine
we walked the old streets I played on
I was just a child then
we ended up at the old apartment
it used to be a heroin den

I faced my childhood on the side of the road by the river down in Amsterdam
me and my mother, we took a plane
we went back again
nothing lost on the side of the road by the river down in Amsterdam
turning circles like a child

oh what's worse is the silence that happened then
Track Name: We Were Young
in your garden
doing work for your dad
I took off my shirt
you just sat there with a drink in your hand
and the sun would glisten on your skin, we were young
young enough to care
and I loved you the best
and for a while you loved no one else

by the pool
you swam to my side
you swam like a child
I couldn’t swim so I just lay there and smiled
and the sun would glisten on your skin, we were young
young and full of youth
in schools and in fields
I remember but my lips are still sealed

by the river
walk hand in hand
leave our friends behind
always looking for a place to lie down
and the sun would glisten on your skin, we were young
too young to know better
I thought I knew you well
you were just waiting on somebody else

somebody else
Track Name: Christopher
of love I have nought
except trouble and sad thought
even when spring is sweet
and the birds repeat
oh, morning nothings

oh Christopher

an idea I have lost
an idea of myself
now that idea’s dead
and it feels I’m left
oh, mourning nothing

oh Christopher

to be somebody else
to be left on the shelf
to lose one’s sense of self
to die an early death
and dream of simple things
big talk and little use
wasted words of youth

time goes by, babe, I’ll let it go by
I’m alright, today, yeah I’m alright
what I’ve found, babe, what I’ve found
is things have changed, yeah, now you’re not around

oh Christopher
Track Name: All My Life
sweet adolescence
it's all mistakes and embarrassments
you're not alive
til your twenty-five
but if I could turn back time
and start again
I wouldn't change a thing
my mistakes, they've brought me where I've been
and I've wasted time getting high
I've been wasting time all my life
all my life

will my heart still?
only time will tell
I've sold everything I can sell
oh well
it's my life, it's my life baby now
it's my life
I'm going crazy
I'm going crazy now
all my life
Track Name: North Donegal
there is a place, north Donegal
some of my memories are there
the blonde and the brunette
the girl with the short hair
it's the place where I made
some of my earliest mistakes
the best thing that I ever did
was getting out of that place

I remember the winter
the springtime and the autumn
but most of all those summer nights
we spent in her garden
and I'm going back there
no matter what you say
I've been invited
to her wedding day

stones' throw from you

it's the lying, it's the wasting
it's the cheat, it's the cheating on yourself
I'll wait for love
it's the drugs, it's the late nights
it's the bottle, bottle I love the most
I'll wait for love
someone to hold, one to care for
when I'm old and grey and full of sleep
I'll wait for love

the autumn, the fading light
the darkening day, the compensating night
I walked home, left it unsaid
with pounding heart I died a distant death
the days draw down, dwindle, scatter
it all ends and none of it matters
I linger on, become undone
I learn my fate is to always be in love
slip and slow down, square one again
I've made mistakes that I deeply regret
I've made mistakes again, again, again
Track Name: Not Forgotten
we are ships before the breeze
dying of thirst and riddled with disease
I thought I could feel a change in the wind
I hope you still feel me on your skin

the only escape from this ship is sleep
the only sleep to be had is through drink
so I drink to your health, drink til I'm sore
and dream of a drier death on shore

last night as I lay sleeping
my mind being bent on wandering
dreamt we were sitting by the Corrib
thought I could smell the perfume in your blood

but darling, we're still young
and I think we're fine
and the lessons of our youth
will come back in time
and darling, darling you
won't forget the lessons of your youth

not forgotten
oh no no